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We are a shipping agency specialized in representation, protection and general port services for vessels and crew. Your needs are our priority.

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Protective agents

We have 30 years of experience representing vessels with liquid, dry and mixed cargo in all Mexican ports.
You can find us in the ports of Coatzacoalcos, Tampico, Altamira and Veracruz.
We satisfy with quality and professionalism the logistics and trade needs that our customers expect.

We are your Shipping Agency.

We specialize in the representation and protection of ships and cargo; as well as other general services. Agemarin is prepared to represent the commercial interests of our clients and handle any request from our customers.


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Code of Conduct

Agemarin is committed to providing a quality service, which consistently & continuously meets the requirements of its customers whilst protecting assets under its care, its employees and the environment in general.

Agemarin aims to remain a quality service provider by:

  • Meeting customer requirements as defined in the relevant Ship Management Agreements
  • To gain the confidence of its clients, seafarers and the maritime industry in general.
  • To be recognized as a trustworthy and dependable agency.
  • To carry out services in a professional, efficient and safe manner
  • Continual improvements in operational responsiveness.
  • Establishing and communicating measurable & consistent objectives and performance targets to Company employees.
  • Complying with applicable statutory requirements, international legislation and classification society requirements related to the services provided
  • Operating without accident(s) or incident(s) that could endanger Company’s employees, the environment or assets under the company’s care
  • Complying with current Health & Safety legislation
  • Developing employee skills and increasing their contribution through effective training