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Specialized Vessels



Specialized Vessels

In our previous delivery entitled "Vessels in international maritime trade" we wrote about the three types of vessels, which according to their type of cargo are classified as dry, liquid and mixed cargo vessels. On this occasion we want to talk to you about the specialized vessels, these kinds of vessels have their own equipment and whose main characteristic is to transport very, very specific goods. Let's get to know them!

Container ships

Container ships are also known as "cellular ships" and their main characteristic is that they are equipped with operating tools, for example, they have a crane bridge that runs along the entire deck and has access to all the holds and containers of the ship, which are distributed along the deck, this allows maximum use of space, all containers are acceptable including those that receive goods that exceed the height of 2.40 mts. These characteristics provide autonomy to the ship, allowing it to arrive at those ports that lack infrastructure, as is the case of ports in developing countries. This type of vessel, in addition to being very independent and efficient, has other benefits to the crew, such as reducing accidents, this has been achieved because they have developed techniques for the operation of the goods to reduce risks among crew members and operators in the ports.

Roll On - Roll Of Vessels

Also known as a ramp ship, it is equipped with rear or side ramps that allow direct access of goods to the holds through cars, trucks, tractors, goods loaded on chassis, as well as rail cars when the ship has rails. For the operation of these ships there are trailers and lift trucks that are responsible for transporting the containers on board.


This vessel is of a high degree of specialty, it is considered a mother ship, which means that small boats are placed inside, usually in a rectangular shape with their respective loads. The operating equipment consists of a crane that runs on rails from bow to stern, and which lifts the barges from the water and transports them to the holds, or vice versa. This type of vessel is very efficient where there is communication between the sea and the river. Another vessel with these characteristics is the Catamaran Bacat, the Seabee.Agemarin is ready to work with all kinds of vessels, contact us.