Our Services and Solutions

We are specialists in maritime logistics, shipping services and international trade.


Representation of Vessel, Container Ship, Car Carrier, Bulk Carrier and more.

  • We represent our clients with local authorities.

  • We provide assistance with any documentation & certificates required by the Captain of the Vessel.

  • We also provide legal assistance, if required by the captain or any crew member.

  • We represent our clients in the management of pre arrival documents and permits in order to announce the Vessel with the local authorities at any port at East or West Coast of Mexico.

  • We coordinate with our offices the arrival and departure of the Vessel.


Coordination and Supervision

  • We coordinate and advise in due time the discharge progress of the Vessel.

  • We also coordinate the arrival and clearance for the Vessels of International Traffic or Domestic Traffic.

  • We supervise the loading and/or discharge operations at port, we are in constant communication with the loading master in order to inform the rate of discharge, the pressure and estimated time of departure.


Ship Chandler

  • We receive the Captain request for provisions, and coordinate with the different ship chandler companies at the local port

  • We coordinate with the ship chandler company to get the list of costs and get approved by the captain

  • We coordinate with local authorities in order to get the permits and board the provisions to the Vessel.


Crew Services

  • We assist the crew members on their entire stay at any Mexican port by making reservations at Hotels (if required), picking them up at the airport and to the Vessel.

  • Will provide any transportation, accommodation, food and medical attention, if the crew-member of the vessel need it.

  • We as Agents of the vessel will meet and escort the crew member until they board the vessel and we will help them in immigration with documents upon arrival to Mexico City.

General Services


Spare parts and repairs

  • We request for the permits with local authorities if the captain requests any repair work or spare parts, and we manage the delivery to the Vessel.


Other Services

  • Hull cleaning.

  • Provisional storage.

  • Commercial divers.

  • Sludge & garbage disposal.

  • Heavy machinery transportation.


Ship Supplies

  • Bunkers supply.

  • Lub oils supply.

  • Fresh water supply.

  • Provisions supply.


Crew Supplies

  • Financial services

  • Food supply for the crew