Crew Management

Agermarin Ship Management offers operational and technical management services. You can also enjoy crew management and project management to vessel owners and operators. We specialize in oil companies, shipping companies, crewing management, and clients requiring logistic solutions.

We manage your vessels and projects with the highest quality, safety, and reliability that we have been known for over 30 years.

Crew Management Services

  • Crewing Management/ Crew Change: Procedures that will help you with the crew attention to safety embark on/off signers.
  • Technical Management: To provide assistance and attendance, according to the shipowner or charterer.
  • Shipping Services: Check our additional services here
  • Bulk Carrier: Vessel designed to transport unpackaged bulk cargo; such as grains, coal, steel coils, cement, etc.
  • Auxiliary Ship Services: Vessels to carry out logistics operations. Agemarin has vast experience in building auxiliaries in commercial areas.
  • Port Services: Check our additional services here

Crew management ensures compliance with international regulations, maintains crew competency, monitors crew health and safety, and facilitates effective crew rotation and scheduling, ultimately ensuring the smooth and safe operation of vessels at sea.

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